Everyone is looking for tea in the morning especially tea lovers. We at Tea leaf have bought the best teas from Dooars, Darjeeling & Assam.

In contrast to your ordinary cuppa, Tea Farms teas don't go in holders for quite a long time before being bundled and sold. Every one of our teas is acquired directly from estates and tea cultivators inside 24-48 hours of creation, bundled garden new and delivered legitimately from a source in India. We are not just ready to make new top-notch quality teas but at the same time can hold all profit in the district where these heavenly teas are developed and supported by a great many cultivators with enormous love, care, and enthusiasm.

We don’t compromise in quality and taste. You start your day afresh with Tea Farms. Other things we take care of are:


We acquire our teas legitimately from various tea ranches in India. All teas are prepared, cleaned, and bundled at source in India to guarantee each cup is as new and aromatic as it tends to be. What's more, indeed, No middle man, No blends, No mixing. 


All teas are transported directly from the source and entryway conveyed to customers over the world. What's more, we are simply starting at this point. 


  • FRESH 

From the bequest to your cup in under seven days. Another universe of new teas. 


All Teas from Tea Farms are hygienically packed in Food Grade packets keeping Freshness, Flavor & Aroma intact.


By sourcing teas straightforwardly, we hold all benefits in the area where they are developed. A cycle which at last enables each rancher to show signs of improvement cost for their produce.