Tea Leaves


Tea Farms offers wide range to fresh teas as per requirement at competitive prices be it Organic or conventional teas from the best gardens of Assam, Dooars, Darjeeling, Nepal and Srilanka. 


Our mantra is to provide freshest teas sourced from plantations, We have the capacity to supply teas from as minimum as 50 Kgs to 100000 Kgs.


Please reach us at 0353 - 7967712 | 84207 91509 or Email us info@teafarmsdarjeeling.com and discuss your requirement.

White tea:


Mint white tea

Rose white tea

Silver needle white

Tulsi white tea

Lavender white 


Flavoured Green Teas :

Kashmiri kahwa

Chamomile green tea

Chamomile mint cinnamon Green Tea 

Lemon Ginger Green Tea 

Mint Lemon Ginger Green Tea 

Potpourri green tea

Hibiscus cinnamon clove 

Hibiscus green tea

Jasmine green tea

Lavender green tea

Lemon green Tea 

Lavender rose mint Green Tea 

Lemon tulsi green tea

Masala green tea

Masala saffron green tea

Mint green tea

Orange green tea

Rose green tea

Rosemary green tea

Tulsi green tea

Turmeric ginger tulsi green tea


Black Tea:


Darjeeling Black Tea (Organic) - Leaf

Darjeeling Roasted Black Tea (Organic) - Leaf

Assam Black Tea - Leaf

Assam masala chai

Chocolate black tea

Spicy cinnamon black tea

Chamomile black tea

English breakfast black tea

Hibiscus black tea

Lavender black tea

Rose black tea

Saffron masala black tea


Flavoured CTC Tea:


Masala chai

Royal kesar (Safforn) chai

Tulsi adrak wali chai

Shahi thandai chai

Chocolate chai

Pudina chai

Rose tea


CTC Tea:


CTC Tea - Dooars

CTC Tea - Assam


Herbal tea :


Aswagandha herbal tea

Citrus mint ice tea

Hibiscus lemon cleanser 

Turmeric spicy herbal tea