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Darjeeling Green Tea


A refreshing cup of Organic Green Tea from the Darjeeling Hills has its own soil potential and flavour, the liquor starts on a clean note with mild sweetness, robust notes of grilled greens and vegetable broth emerges in the flavour filling the mouth in entirety. Green tea is a relatively newer variant of tea that is fast becoming popular, especially in the health and fitness circuit. Green Tea has a lot many health benefits, it controls Diabetes, boosts immunity, improves metabolism and other proven health benefits.


Best time to drink:


Green tea can be best enjoyed in the morning and during midday at least an hour or two before or after meal.

Darjeeling Green Tea

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  • Heat fresh filtered water to the ideal temperature, ensure the water isn't bubbling as exceptionally high temperatures can devastate the fragile notes in the tea. Place 2 - 2.5 Gms or 1 tea spoon of tea leaves in an infuser,

    Pour 150 - 180 ml of boiling water over the tea leaves until they are lowered.

    Let it steep for 4 - 5 mints. Take care not to over-steep.

    Remove the tea leaves and Strain the tea into a cup.

    You may also add sugar or honey, possibly include a scramble of lemon squeeze or mint for that additional flavour.