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A delightful cup plucked from one of the best Darjeeling Organic plantations located in the lower Himalayan slopes at an altitude of 6100 FT above sea level is indeed a Tea Masters choice. This tea is carefully plucked during early Autumn and curated with utmost care to give sweetness, aroma and freshness to the cup. The uniqueness of this tea is its changing of leaf color from greenish to coppery brown having muscatel undertones with fruity floral notes.


Best time to drink


A cup of Darjeeling Black Tea can be best enjoyed in the morning, during breakfast and in the evening.

Darjeeling Autumn Delight

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  • Heat fresh filtered water to the ideal temperature, ensure the water isn't bubbling as exceptionally high temperatures can devastate the fragile notes in the tea.

    Place 2 - 2.5 Gms or 1 tea spoon of tea leaves in an infuser.

    Pour 120 - 150 ml of boiling water over the tea leaves until they are lowered.

    Let it steep for 4 - 5 mints. Take care not to over-steep.

    Remove the tea leaves and Strain the tea into a cup.

    You may also add sugar, cream, or honey, possibly include a scramble of lemon squeeze or mint for additional flavour.

    But we being the perfectionists suggest that you drink it plain.