Green tea is a sort of tea that is produced using Camellia sinensis leaves and buds that have not gone through a similar shriveling and oxidation measure. It is used to make oolong teas and dark teas.

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The Darjeeling First Flush Tea is one of the most valued tea on the planet. It is sourced during the first culling of new leaves and buds from the beginning of spring in March till mid- April. This tea has an exceptionally high-quality beverage flavor within it.


A fine method of processing black tea to crush them into small hard pellets. The process is however called crush, tear and curl which made its name as CTC. This replaces the last phase of standard tea produce, in which the leaves are folded into strips.

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The Darjeeling Second Flush Tea is present for the individuals who value the inborn, fine quality of Darjeeling dark tea, alongside a sweet hint of muscatel; genuinely a specialist's joy. This is a second reap occasional, smooth and solid cup of tea, best delighted without milk. 

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Masala chai is a tea refreshment made by bubbling dark tea in milk and water with a blend of sweet-smelling spices and flavors. Beginning in the Indian subcontinent, the refreshment has increased overall notoriety, turning a best component in numerous espresso and tea houses.